Event Media, Filming and Camera Work Specialists

We are specialists in live camera work, for award ceremonies, corporate events, outdoor festivals and much more ! We can provide live camera to screen solutions for corporate / charity dinners, ensuring that all your guests can see clearly what’s happening on stage, along with an edited roundup of what has happened during the day in a post event video. We are also able to supply award winner stings, nominee videos and award winners interviews - these can also all be edited on site & posted on your social media channels for up-to-date content for your followers !

Live Camera to Screen

We can supply professional discreet cameramen & camera channels for live relay of footage to screens in your venue - This can ensure that all of your delegates can know what is happening throughout your event.

Along with camera equipment we can also supply screens, projection & LED Large format screens for every solution to suit your venue.


Event Roundup Videos

We can supply roundup videos of your event, edited for your conference/event closing session, as well as for posting on social media and your website to gain publicity for your event.

A roundup video is a great way to publicise your event for future years to gain new followers and future ticket holders !

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We are specialists in webcasting, including remote operated cameras, switching and streaming devices - ensuring that all your content can be viewed anywhere in the world !

This can be used for everything from a corporate meeting needing to be viewed at multiple offices in London, New York and Europe, through to a school event requiring parents, staff and families to be able to view from their homes wherever that may be !